Service Policy

After-sales service policy

Range of application

 The service policy is only available for product bought or produced from Quansheng.


Service object

 Dealers who signed a cooperation agreement with Quansheng & product end users.


After-sales service commitments

 Quansheng promises to response to customer service needs within 24 hours, to answer customer questions and give solutions within 72 hours. Provide sales consultation service to all customers, international sales hotline:+86-595-86769269

 Provide free repair for product damaged without any man-made factors. Charge corresponding working hours and component fees for product out of warranty period or with man-made malfunction.

 Product warranty service commitment: 12 months for the host; 6 months for the battery & charger; headset, antenna, car charger and other consumables accessories belong to non-warranty range.

The following conditions (but not limited to the following) can not enjoy the warranty service:
The warranty period has expire; Damaged by falling, squeezing, flooding (liquid); Damages or malfunction resulted from the user’s unized modification, demolition, wrong operation and other acts; Damages or malfunction caused by force majeure (e.g. earthquake, flood, fire, etc.); Normal wear; Product that is unrecognizable due to altered or damaged date labels; Fake product.


Customer service and feedback channels

 International sales hotline: +86-595-86769269