Sales Network

Quansheng Sales Network



Quansheng walkie-talkie brand marketing center is the leader of Quansheng brand development and marketing, including domestic marketing, overseas marketing, and the upcoming online marketing.


Domestic marketing provides a variety of professional service including market operations, channel construction, brand image, advertising planning, resource sharing and so on.

Through the close cooperation between the internal and external teams, the simultaneous development of the company and the agents, from the first-tier cities and second-tier cities market to achieve the majority of domestic market share and to provide communication security and solutions for more customers.


With the promotion of Quansheng brand and product diversification, Quansheng overseas market is expanding gradually. Products are sold to America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and so on to build a global sales and service network.

Quansheng is the first to develop and produce "nationwide walkie-talkie" in 2012, relying on telecommunications network platform and intercom terminal to achieve nationwide communication, leading the direction transformation of traditional communication.